SRB HD 15.5" 3-link E-Board Truck Set (patent pending)

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With the carviness of a DKP truck and the stability of an RKP precision truck, the 3-link offers e-board riders of all backgrounds and abilities an unparalleled riding experience of control, comfort and stability. 

SRB HD axle 15.5" (393.7mm) tip to tip

Axle Girth 5/8" (15.88mm)

212mm motor plate spread, Dual Drive

spindle 10mm or 12mm bearing, spindle length 3.5" (88.9mm)

Premium SRB bushings by Riptide Sports

HD 44mm Motor Plates will take 100mm long motors,  8 or 10mm shaft

Belt Drive, Open Gear Drive OK

Adjust: Ride Height, Tilt/Steer Ratio, Track, Bushing Preload, Motor Plate Clocking

12mm spindle option does not include wheel spacers.