About Us

Stooge Raceboards, LLC About Us


Stooge Raceboards began as a father/daughter off race season project for fun using R/C car components to power a long board. In his endeavor to build a better, more dependable and stable electric skateboard Moe would develop the NKP 3-link truck. A steering system that is uniquely fitted for the electric skateboard platform, providing stability at speed, superior maneuverability and adjustability for an unparalleled riding experience. With 30+ years of midget/sprintcar/stockcar setup and fabrication, the step into Esk8 racing was a natural one. The downhill community welcomed Moe with skepticism if not trepidation for the first time going up hill at a downhill event at Tepe and Tacos in 2018 but it was a no brainer then and now SRB riders are regulars at many downhill events. SRB exists to build, support and share Esk8 performance lifestyle, culture and events with an emphasis on safety, stability and sustainability. Each SRB product has been handmade or curated by Moe to offer the same quality and performance to our customers as we use on the race course. We are encouraged by the Esk8 and PEV community to continue to support the growth of safe, organized events & performance innovation while acting as a catalyst for healthy competition.

SRB Company Officers:

Founding and Managing Member: Charity Biggs

R&D and Chief Executive Member: Brandon 'Moe' Biggs 


SRB Safety and Liability Policy

We believe that SRB's visionary innovation of 3-link steering technology has brought unparalleled benefits of control and stability to electric longboards making them safer than ever before but each individual must be ever vigilant in self education on best safety practices and equipment as well as a constant commitment to implementing them both. 

Electric longboards should be treated with the same safety, respect responsibility as any motorsports vehicle. Operating, riding or racing an e-board comes with inherent injury risks including paralysis and death from loss of control, collision, equipment & electronic defects and failures. No e-board can be guaranteed against malfunction. It is important to understand that even with the most rigorous quality control efforts, parts still fail from defects in manufacturing process, improper maintenance and from known & unknown damage. It is the e-board customer/owners responsibility to learn and to be personally familiar with the operational use and maintenance of the equipment they choose to use as well as the safety gear and laws applicable to the area in which they use it.

Please be aware that by completing a purchase agreement in any form of payment or by accepting into your possession any component or package sold by Stooge Raceboards, LLC you are also agreeing to release forever Stooge Raceboards, LLC, their, members, volunteers and representatives from any and all liabilities against any claims related to the possession, operation or use of any component or package sold by Stooge Raceboards, LLC brought by you, third parties or anyone on behalf of you or third parties.