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12/18/2023 All Track Pack orders should expect up to a 2 month wait for shipping.  We are sorry for the delay and appreciate your understanding.

Grip and Rip Like no other...

"Track Pack" is designed with the performance enthusiast in mind. Bolt your motors up to the best dam adjustable precision truck and wheel setup available. The HD foam soaks up road chunder for a superior ride quality.

Track pack includes; SRB 3-link trucks with motor plates on Riptide bushings, two SRB Spurs gears, two motor pinions, two SRB Drive Hubs, two SRB Hubs, four BRP Airless wheels*.

*BRP Airless Wheels are the ribbed r/t 70, other options will be added as they become available


"HD" 15.5 axle has 212mm motor plate spread

(3-link trucks are patent pending)