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Superspine Single Raceboard

will build to suit upon request

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Important Please Read, Disclaimer:

The Super Spine Single is not intended for or recommended for use by riders under 18 yrs old.

Electric longboards should be treated with the same safety, respect and responsibility as any motorsports vehicle. Operating, riding or racing an electric longboard comes with inherent injury risks including paralysis and death from loss of control, collisions, equipment & electronic defects and failures. No electric longboard or component is guaranteed against malfunction. It is important to understand that even with the most rigorous quality control efforts, parts still fail from defective manufacturing, inadequate maintenance and from known as well as unkown damage. It is the customers/owners responsibility to learn and to be personally familiar with the operational use and maintenance of the equipment they choose to use as well as the safety gear and laws applicable to the area in which they use it. 

Please be aware that by completing a puchase agreement in any form of payment or by accepting into your possession any component or package sold by Stooge Raceboards, LLC  you are also agreeing to release forever Stooge Raceboards, LLC, their members, volunteers and representatives from any and all liabilities against any claims related to the possession, operation or use of any component or package sold by Stooge Raceboards, LLC brought by you, third parties or anyone on behalf of you or third parties.